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Fake Rock Wall

Fake rock wall

Fake rock Background

The rock landscape feature is constructed from 2 inch and 1 inch thick pieces of polystyrene sheet. Simply cut the pieces to the required size and then build to your own design, bonding them together with adhesive. Eliminate the sharp edges by chamfering them with a sharp knife.

When the adhesive has set make the feature more realistic-looking by breaking small bits off with your fingers, and maybe sticking on small chunks of polystyrene to break up the straight lines. 

When the adhesive has set, mix a small quantity, say a pint, of the tile cement colour of your choice. Aim for the consistency of double cream. Then simply pour the cement over the feature. You may have to tilt and turn it a little to get it into any crevices or. Repeat until the feature is fully coated. If you prefer you can use another shade of tile cement for subsequent applications. A half and half mixture of each of the shades gives you another shade, three quarters and a quarter gives yet another shade, and so on and so on, the combinations are infinite.

While the cement is still pliable work it, with both a knife and your fingers, or even a small piece of wood like a lollipop stick, to create interesting variations of the rock’s surface. On the one I made I left about half of it smooth and roughed up a little and re-shaped the other half, ending up with like a rock feature something like you might find in nature. Use your imagination and look at pictures on the internet to get a design your happy with for the rock background.

Fake rock hides

Fake rock hide

Fake rock hide

Do exactly the same to create the hides. The exterior shape of the hides can be made more interesting by applying extra layers of tile cement, but in this case mix the cement to a stiffer consistency to make it more workable. On the ones I made I coated the insides with tile cement too as I didn’t want my gecko nibbling at the polystyrene.

Note. A free source of polystyrene sheets could be your local electrical goods shop if you ask them nicely. All their televisions, washes, fridges etc come packed in polystyrene sheets and they just throw them away. 

The background is simply a flat piece of wood, cut to the dimensions of the vivarium, and painted blue. A little white paint smeared on gives you clouds. The desert sand effect is made by simply applying glue then coating it with sand. Allow it to set then tip off the surplus sand.

I'd like to thank my grandad for this page, the background and numerous hides he made. He is the one who designed and made the background you see, and he is the one who wrote this page for me.

He has his own website, its a very good comedy one (all the material on it is his own) which you can see if you click on the link:

Here are some pictures of fake rock walls and fake rock hides, beautifully styled by my leopard gecko.

Fake rock wall

Fake rock wall

Fake rock background

Fake rock hide

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